Excellent Idea for Businesses an Internet Marketing Adviser

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You might be thinking what is the difference between an Internet Marketing Adviser and and a SEO consultant?  The answer lies in if you or your company has already paid large sums of money to Internet marketing gurus only to find the only thing they are good at is sending invoices.  An Internet Marketing Adviser is a person who has experience with successful ecommerce businesses who can play a role in supporting a business make Internet marketing decisions including on consultants and vendors to hire. The key difference is the adviser is not a vendor.  You will never get good feedback on your marketing ideas from a consultant who has it in his best interests to … [Read more...]

New Website Promoting Launch of Donald Trump’s Project the Trump Network

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Authority SEO is working to increase online visibility for the Diamond Development Team (DDT).  The Diamond Development Team is a group of successful business owners and network marketers who have come together to share ideas and proven strategies for business success. The focus of the DDT right now is the Trump Network which is an exciting new network marketing opportunity by Donald Trump.  The team has idetified the Trump Network as it has one of the best compensation plans in the industry. Authority SEO is working with the DDT to use Internet marketing as a new way of creating new members and a more financially successful team. … [Read more...]

How to Sell More Products During the Holiday Season – Offer Free Shipping

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Hitwise did research on the use of the term "free shipping" in search engine rankings.  You can see from the graph below that the term "free shipping" spikes during the holiday season. Online shopping is becoming more and more how people shop for Christmas and other holidays.  Take advantage of this by offering 'free shipping" for your online store You can also see from the graph that more people are searching "free shipping" over the years which is more proof that more people are using the internet to do their holiday shopping. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Promote Free Shipping

free shipping

If you search online for a particular product you probably find lots of people who are selling what you want or what you are selling.  How does a person choose who to buy from?  You may think that price is important though you may be surprised it isn't the only factor.  Plus, many websites have similar prices that don't make significant differences, so it is how you differentiate what makes your business special that makes a difference. For promotions like "Free Shipping" to work you need to make it obvious for online shoppers For the tips listed below you can substitute what ever promotion your website has including flat rate shipping, free returns, gift with … [Read more...]

Tv Travel Online Partners with Authority SEO

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Tv Travel Online which delivers legitimacy and great business opportunities for those that want to work from home.  Through Tv Travel Online people can make a great living support people in getting great deals and low fares on travel. Now, Tv Travel Online has partnered with Authority SEO to expand their client base so more people can achieve their financial goals with extra income or with a home based business. Authority SEO is supporting them in increasing their online visibility through multiple mediums to allow more people online to find the great business opportunities that Tv Travel Online offers. … [Read more...]

3 Ecommerce Website Store Trends

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If you want to open an Ecommerce online store it is easier than ever.  There are many different options that allow users with no to little programming experience build an online store to sell their products.  The question comes how do you seperate yourself from your competition.  My first answer would be SEO.  If you can out rank your competition for not just major keywords though the thousands of different ways your customers are searching for your products right now you will be successful. Videos are one Ecommerce trend you could implement without any tech knowledge For the purpose of this post though we are looking at Ecommerce website store trends which are … [Read more...]

Steps You Need to Translate the Language of Ecommerce Website

ecommerce language

You are looking at the stats of your Google Analytics and you see foreign countries that have visited your ecommerce online store.  Won’t it be great if those people could read your products in their own language.  Yes, we could be myopic and think that they should just learn English.  Business is about opportunities and right now very few online stores are taking advantage of all the potential customers who speak different languages.  Especially even in the United States that has a heavily populated Hispanic population. To translate your store you have to do more than Google translator Google has a feature called Google Translator that will translate any web … [Read more...]

SEO Before or After Design of Your Website

The most common thing that happens for many small businesses is that they create a website than start their Google Adwords program.  Only to find out the Adwords is costing them money with negative return on investment.  So the next step is turning to a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant. Many web designers claim they know SEO Many web designers claim they know SEO This can be very confusing for a small business owner when their web designer claimed they knew SEO.  Which perpetuates the #1 myth with SEO that search engine optimization is a one time deal of add a couple things to your website and you are done.  The reality is SEO is a daily, yes I … [Read more...]

Natures Organic Market Powers Online Marketing with Authority SEO

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Natures Organic Market is an ecommerce online store that specializes in organic products.  Find high quality and low prices on organic baby clothes, cleaning products, coffee, toys, and more. Authority SEO has partnered with Natures Organic Market to increase their online visibility which will allow more people to find their all natural products. Certified organic products are produced using strict guidelines to farming practices to the non use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins.  The part of organic products is you get the high quality product you want that works with the environment. … [Read more...]

Bing has Webmaster Tools like Google

One key tool for any SEO or website is utilizing Google’s webmaster tools.  Google shows you problems with a variety of possible issues with pages.  Also, shows top keywords in their index and more.  Now, Bing has its own set of webmaster tools.  As Bing has gained more market share which is still no where near Google, it is still viable to optimize your website to better serve Bing as long as it works with your Google search engine optimization. Bing is working hard to catch up all the features that Google’s webmaster tools offers so I would check back frequently to check for updates.  Mostly likely Google and Bing will index your site differently so … [Read more...]

3 Ecommerce Website Upgrades that Increase Sales

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Ecommerce websites are always looking on how to increase conversions.  Sometimes a website owner can tinker with their website so much with different items that they decrease conversions.  The following are three items that have been shown to increase conversions which means you increase sales without more traffic to your website. If you haven't spent time on your conversion percentage, now is the time Increasing sales through conversion percentage is always important though it can be even more important with the holiday season approaching.  Ecommerce websites need to have everything in place months before the holiday season to make sure all the bugs are … [Read more...]

5 Ecommerce Tips You Can Implement Today

e commerce tips today implement

Every ecommerce website owner is always looking for ways to increase sales, lower costs, and make their marketing plan more effective.  Often small business owners get lost in the details of what they are already doing for their Internet marketing.  The goal of this article is to give the small business owner 5 tips that they can implement immediately that will support their overall efforts to increase profit from their website. Having your entire team understand how they can play a role in your SEO can pay huge dividends with extra links and content for your business 5 Ecommerce Tips You Can Implement Today Google Alerts: Google Alerts is a free service that … [Read more...]

Yahoo and Microsoft Bing Announce Major Partnership

For the first time in quite some time news on the search engine optimization landscape is important and it doesn’t have anything to do with Google.  There is a new deal between Yahoo and Microsoft which runs Bing that will have significant effects on search engine optimization. Top Points on the New Deal the agreement is for 10 yrs for next 10 years Microsoft has exclusive license to Yahoo’s search engine technology current affiliate partners of Yahoo will still be syndicated by Yahoo Yahoo search will not be powered by Bing’s search algorithm for both organic search results and paid search Yahoo and Microsoft will still employ their own sales … [Read more...]

What type of comments get accepted

Another website had a survey they were doing as the type of comments people would accept on their blogs.  The major question they were looking for is do people accept comments when people put anchor text in the middle of the posted comment. Anchor text is the highlighted word or phrase that is then linked to another website or web page.  Anchor text is important from an SEO standpoint as anchor text tells search engines like Google that the highlight term is important on the website or web page the link is pointed to. Authority SEO will automatically delete comments with anchor text in them The overwhelming response was that bloggers delete comments that have … [Read more...]

Google Search Basics – Crawl, Index, and Results

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Like all industries SEO and Internet marketing has its own set of terms and jargon that people use.  They main seem obvious to the web veteran, for the average business owner they are not so simple.  I get emails from "know it all" types stating that most of my posts are not written for the online experts.  So, if you are one of the so called online experts reading this post you can stop now, as this another post to support your business owner who wants to get his business online and start web marketing. I hear Google crawls my site; what does that mean? As you start to learn about search engine optimization one of the first terms you hear is Crawling.  Google … [Read more...]

Instant Web Traffic with Photos already on your webites – 2 Min SEO

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