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rush hour traffic podcast Rush Hour Traffic Podcast - Website Success Sales vs. Service Are you setting your website up to generate revenue Are you spending too much money on parts of your website that don't generate sales … [Read more...]

Yahoo’s Geocities is Closing its Virtual Door

If you go to Yahoo Geocities you will find out that you can no longer create a new account.  Yahoo has announced that later this year it is shutting down Geocities, a now ancient free hosting platform.  Nothing has happened to existing account yet though you have to get your data out of Geocities before it officially closes it virtual door.  Yahoo says that more detail on retreiving  your data this summer. Yahoo will not be offering a new free web hosting service and is offering a discount for those that want to transfer their websites into their paid hosting accounts.  I would imagine not too many people take Yahoo up on this offer since the whole point of … [Read more...]

Microsoft Set to Release Kumo Search Engine to Compete with Google


Microsoft is in the works to launch Kumo, a new search engine to rival Google.  Microsoft's goal with Kumo is offer a fresher look that focuses on organic results and better layout for advertisers. If Kumo can live up to the hype it will be the best search engine experience that Microsoft has ever offered to the public. The new search results of Kumo will place more importance on images and videos, and for have a stronger ecommerce presence.  The ecommerce features will give searchers more detailed information about the products, if they are in stock or not, and the different prices of online stores. For example if you search for the term "iphone" you will … [Read more...]

Back to the Basics Instead of Facebook – Rush Hour Traffic by Authority SEO

rush hour traffic podcast

Rush Hour Traffic Podcast - Back to the Basics instead of Facebook Is social media like Facebook worth your time Why people are not successful driving traffic to their websites … [Read more...]

Does the Type of Page Affect SEO

You may have or not noticed that at the end of the url on your website or websites you are visiting are .php, .cfm, .html, .asp, or .pdf.  There are even more options than just these.  So, does the type of page created make a difference in link building and your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The web language extensions or software programs used to create web pages like php, asp, html, and so on have no difference between them as it relates to SEO.  What is going to matter as it relates to SEO and link building for your site or the site you want a link from is the strength of that website not its extension. There is more debate about pdf and word … [Read more...]

Why My Website Isn’t Working

So your website isn’t creating the traffic or revenue that you thought when you got into this business. There can be many different reasons a website fails to reach its potential. It could be that major issues like unclear direction for the website, some can be issues you are unaware of like broken links, or it could be that you utilize too much flash that distracts both your visitors and the search engines. The following is a look at common issues that keep your website from achieving success. If you are reading this article for the latest search engine optimization tips then you are on the wrong article. The goal of this article is to take a look at your … [Read more...]

What is google page rank

Google Page Rank has changed which has affected not everyone, though enough people were affected to make a significant difference. To better look at how PageRank has affected websites rankings in Google search engine, we first better have to look at what is Google PageRank. Google Page Rank updates every 3 months or so which typically doesn’t mean much to most websites. Google is always updating page-ranks of web pages and every three months you see an update to the numerical value. What is Google PageRank? Page Rank is the algorithm created by Larry Page the founder of Google that associates a value to every web page to demonstrate a level of importance. … [Read more...]

SEO Results

seo results

When hiring an SEO firm to perform your web marketing strategies can be a hit or miss proposition. Authority SEO is proud to a results orientated firm that has delivered results for its clients and for its own ecommerce websites. This below is a small sample of real world SEO results that convert to sales. was able to increase their conversion to products sales by 259% which instantly increases sales on a daily basis from existing web traffic. has achieved keyword rankings for two major keywords in Google search rankings, Online Personal Trainer #3 and Personal Trainer #5. Both keywords are heavily … [Read more...]

Google 90% of Web Search Growth in 2008

Google the leader in online searches continues to gain market share.  In 2008 Google increased its market share from 58.5% to 63.5% according to comScore. Most of the other major search engines like Yahoo, Microsoft, and had stagnant growth in 2008 with Google being the only major search engine player to have any growth.  For 2008, Google captured 90% of all search volume growth which means how you rank in Google's search engine is more important than ever. … [Read more...]

Can My Google Pagerank be Hurt

So can Google PageRank hurt you? This question is really answered by how you are using your website to create revenue or increase brand awareness. As one way linking building has become important to Google for search results and PageRank, pay per post websites have sprung up to fill a demand for people looking for links. If you start to sell links from your site based on your Page Rank, the new links you are now sending out of your website will lower your Page Rank. Google has taken on a fight to also go after blog link farms. A blog link farm would be a blog set up that sends lots of links out from the blog to certain websites. Blogs can be created fast and … [Read more...]

Google Local Search Rollout

If you thought searching online was only for national or worldwide information, not any more.  Google has finished its worldwide rollout of local search in its search engine.  Every time your search now Google will guess to your location to give your more geo centric results. How does Google know your location?  Google uses your IP address to get a general sense of your geographical area.  If you need to change your location you can click the “change location” link at the upper right hand corner of your page. Searching online is now more and more important for local businesses to create an effective web presence. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ecommerce Tips

top ten e commerce tips

We all want to sell more online.  As you start to plan how to increase sales on your website, listed below are ten tips to increase ecommerce. Top 10 Ecommerce Tips 1. Invest part of your budget into more fun and easy shopping experiences.  Fun doesn't have to cost much money and can separate you from your competition. 2. Use the analytics tools to better segment your visitors to create more direct and localized marketing messages. 3. Add product videos and other media you might have on your products. 4. Remove any annoying banners that flash or force people to listen to them over and over. 5. Add video demonstrations of your products or services in … [Read more...]

Click Fraud Reaches New Record

On pay per click advertising 17.1% of all clickthroughs are click fraud according to Click Forensics, which has been monitoring click fraud since 2006.  Click fraud on Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher is 28.2% of all clicks.  Majoring of the click fraud is achieved using automated bots and looks to be on the rise even more with the struggling economy. Click fraud is the #1 reason why organic search engine marketing is the #1 way to market your website online. … [Read more...]

Why is My Advertising and Marketing Failing

So your site is getting traffic though people aren’t buying. What is the problem? Think about how many times you have attempted to raise your profits by increasing the advertising or marketing even though you know that you are not getting the conversions for your efforts. The true answer to the issue may lie deeper in how your marketing strategies either work with or work against your product or service. With the rise of the Internet, competition from small firms to large corporations can be at instant access to the consumer. This high level of competition forces people that are going to be successful into smart marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as, … [Read more...]

Sample SEO Proposal

Objectives Authority SEO, like Web Chimpy, is an online marketing and search engine optimization company specializing in driving site specific traffic to websites.  Authority SEO takes a comprehensive approach that achieves short term and long term search traffic that converts to sales. The goal is to reach search and web traffic specific to customers who are interested in your products.  Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site, your website will generate web traffic that converts into sales. Authority SEO creates a personalized plan for each website.  Every company has its own goals, budgets, and resources.  Authority SEO works with you … [Read more...] Continues Partnership with Authority SEO a leader in online personal trainer and dietician services continues its partnership with Authority SEO.  Live Lean Today offers a full service health and fitness solution from online coaching, videos, supplements, fitness equipement, and more. Live Lean Today now exceeds 15,000 different keywords that send targeted traffic on a monthly basis. … [Read more...]