Can My Google Pagerank be Hurt

So can Google PageRank hurt you? This question is really answered by how you are using your website to create revenue or increase brand awareness.

As one way linking building has become important to Google for search results and PageRank, pay per post websites have sprung up to fill a demand for people looking for links. If you start to sell links from your site based on your Page Rank, the new links you are now sending out of your website will lower your Page Rank.

Google has taken on a fight to also go after blog link farms. A blog link farm would be a blog set up that sends lots of links out from the blog to certain websites. Blogs can be created fast and for free which makes them perfect for fast websites to get one way links. Google recognizes this and doesn’t give many blogs a favorable PageRank ranking. You many notice that many blogs have a page-rank of zero.

Blogs are a good idea though. You have to look at your blog like another website. If you create a good blog then you can be rewarded with good traffic and a higher Page Rank.

You may feel that Google is unfair in certain circumstances or how could they just manually lower a website’s Page Rank? You have to understand that Google is simply a for profit company that can make its own personal decisions.

If you are selling links from your website do to your PageRank, it will eventually catch up with you. Just as,, or pay-per-post which all saw their websites crushed after warnings to stop selling links.

Text Link Ads has a business model that was directly created to inflate websites ability to rank for keywords and PageRank. The idea is Text Link Ads hosts a website where you can find websites with good pageranks and in your products or services venue where you can buy links. In the beginning this was huge as a link from an important site being directed to your website instantly increased your SEO ranks and PageRank. The problem is that Google has caught on and can if they want black list any website using this service.

The one biggest way out I see about the fight between Google and sites that sell links is to stop showing a websites PageRank. The reality is for your own website if you rank for a keyword you want to then you know you are doing the right things as it relates to your website. Without Page-Rank you would not be able to know if another website had any value for you to get a link from which would crush the market for buying links which goes around the Google algorithm.