High Number of Potential Customers to Your Business

There are 213 million searches per day with Google and Yahoo accounting for 90% of all web traffic.  Though you probably won’t have all 213 million visit your website, you can achieve massive amounts of targeted visitors to find your website on a daily basis.

Authority SEO works to place your website in as many as possible keywords that will drive traffic that represents searchers looking for your specific services or products.  What most businesses don’t understand is that 70% of all search engine traffic is unique search phrases.

“What that means to you is that there are thousands of different ways people are searching your business right now that you don’t even know about.”

You probably know 5-10 major keywords that would be important for your business to rank for.  Authority SEO takes those keywords and creates an ongoing data base of keywords to target.  Our goal is to compile and then implement consistenly your website ranking for more and more of these different keyword phrases.  What drives tons of targeted is traffic is ranking for the thousands of different keywords people are searching for your business right now, and not finding you.

Authority SEO has real world results of clients who now received in just the last month of April 15,915, 27,280, and 27,325 different keyword phrases that delivered targeted traffic to their websites.  That is what seperates Authority SEO from its competition it is the complete online visibity for thousands of opportunities to generate greater sales.

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