Link Building

Link building is the true where rubber meets the road as it relates to search engine optimization and your websites ability to rank for the keywords that are important to you.  Search engines use links from other websites pointing to yours as a key determination on how important your website is.

Authority SEO Link Building Strategies

  1. Creates high quality one way links
  2. Creates links from other websites that deliver targeted traffic
  3. Allows the ability to rank for major keywords for your business

“ has over 32,000 links indexed by the search engines which allow it to rank #1 for the keyword supplements on Yahoo”

There are two types of links a website can get.  One is reciprocal links which means site A sends a link to site B, and site B sends a link back to site A.  This type of link building has now become irrelevant.  What is truly important is the second type of links which are one way links.

One way links means site A sends a link to site B, and site B doesn’t return the link.  The link is then one way.  Search engines like Google use this if a website is willing to send a link to another site which in essence means they are willing to send their own traffic to this other site than the site receiving the link must be important.  The more one way links your website has the more important Google sees your website, and your website will rank higher for important keyword terms on your site.

One key facet to link building is the power of the website.  As search engines are using one way links to determine site importance; they are doing the same for the site that is sending you the one way link.  If the site sending the links has no links pointing to it than the value of the link is diminished.  This is to prevent people from creating thousands of one page websites just to send links to their “money site.”  The more important the website is that sends a one way link the greater the importance of your own website.

Authority SEO utilizes proven strategies to generate thousands of one way links for your website.  These link building strategies are one of the reasons that our clients have been able to rank for some of the most competitive terms for their genre of products or services.

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