Reduce Your Online Marketing Charge

Have you found that your current online marketing plan is not giving a return on your investment?

There are two key concepts that allow Authority SEO to deliver results than convert to sales than achieves an exceptional long term return on your investment.

Key Concept #1

All businesses want to see their website at the top of Google search rankings.  Google offers a simple way to get on the front page called Adwords which is where your business bids for placement with the highest bidder receives the top placement in the paid advertisement section.  What you quickly find and probably the reason you are reading this is that Adwords though gets you traffic the cost to get that traffic costs more than the revenue you generate from the traffic.  Most businesses are losing money on a monthly basis using Adwords as their online marketing strategy.

Authority SEO creates online marketing strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website through the free or organic search mediums.  Organic search is the search result listings that show up in the non sponsored links area.  What is important to know is that 80% of the visitors click into the organic search and skip the sponsored links or ads on the side.  Just think yourself when is the last time you clicked on an advertisement when searching on Google?

For every dollar you spend in search engine optimization (SEO) you generate ten fold the profit do to the fact that you do not pay for every visitor like pay per click.  Also, what people don’t know about search engine optimization is that it is not just about the major keyword that you know; it is about ranking for the major keyword and all of the thousands of keyword phrases people are using to search for your individual services or products.  There are tens of thousands of different keyword phrases that people are searching for any type of business’s services or products.  Authority SEO finds these different keywords people are using, and then creates proven strategies to achieve search engine rankings.

Key Concept #2

Most businesses have one idea how there marketing dollars can be spent.  Use my example of a commercial.  Your commercial marketing project has a fixed cost for creating the commercial and then you have the expense of airing the commercial which has costs based on where, when, and how often it is played.  So, you set a budget for how much you are willing to spend to air your commercial.  Every time your commercial runs you receive a certain number of sales on average.  So, you know to “x” number of sales you need to run your commercial “x” amount of times.  The problem with traditional marketing methods is that to get the same number of sales next month you have to pay the exact same amount money for airing your commercial to get the same number of sales.  If you want more sales you have to pay more to have your commercial air more times.

Search engine optimization doesn’t work that way.  Your website is a living thing that is either constantly growing or constantly decaying based on your efforts.  Your online marketing campaign with Authority SEO builds every month though you pay the same budgeted amount.  Which means that every month your website will receive more traffic, rank for more keywords, achieve more websites sending direct traffic, and more.

After consistent effective SEO efforts your same website marketing dollars are now returning 10 times the results and sales as they did the first month.  Instead of paying more to achieve greater results, you pay the same to achieve greater results every month.

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