Sample SEO Proposal


Authority SEO, like Web Chimpy, is an online marketing and search engine optimization company specializing in driving site specific traffic to websites.  Authority SEO takes a comprehensive approach that achieves short term and long term search traffic that converts to sales.

The goal is to reach search and web traffic specific to customers who are interested in your products.  Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site, your website will generate web traffic that converts into sales.

Authority SEO creates a personalized plan for each website.  Every company has its own goals, budgets, and resources.  Authority SEO works with you to maximize your results based on your situation.  No website is too small or too large for effective search engine optimization and increasing sales.

4 Core Tactical Elements to the Plan

1.    Website Needs Analysis
2.    Link Building
3.    SEO Continuity
4.    Online Community

Why Hire an SEO Specialist

People are now using the web as their new yellow pages.  Now with a few clicks on the web a person can find a list of custom card websites to make a buying decision.  People searching Google and Yahoo are 90% of all web traffic.  99.7% of all search traffic clicks the websites that are on the first 10 listings of a search page.  Fifty percent of all people searching keywords enter website #1 on the search listing for that keyword.

Keywords/ Traffic Monthly (Google)

Authority SEO creates keyword tracking lists that focuses on keywords specific to your site.  Through a complex comparison test, Authority SEO ranks the keywords to target based on traffic, competition, direct relevance to sales, current rank, and more.

Experts at Smart Whistle claim how the most important thing to understand about keywords is that people search a variety of different terms for the same thing.  Most people search questions like “how do I,” “I want to,” or “looking for.”  It’s important to find out all the different variations and which ones have more traffic.   It is Authority SEO’s job to find as many keywords as possible and then get your site ranked for them.  Authority SEO also uses tools to find out what your competition is ranking for.


Authority SEO will work with your website as its online marketing partner to implement short and long term online marketing campaign.

Website Needs Analysis

The Needs Analysis is broken down into two parts.  The first being the internal structure of the site.  This relates to how the website is structured for navigation, intralinks, text, and setting up analytics software to track conversions and traffic.

Quick examples on some sites

Authority SEO noticed that your entire home page is a photo.  Google picks up text, so as it stands right now Google has no keywords off your homepage to rank in its search engine.  This is true for all search engines.

With the needs analysis, Authority SEO looks at everything on the site from meta tags, titles of pages, all links on the site, urls, and everything else on the site to find ways to make what you already have indexed better in search engines.

The second needs analysis is external.  This is creating a profile of who the target audience is for the your site’s products and the keywords associated with that target audience, and analysis of competition on major keywords to create ongoing strategy for keyword optimization.  During the analysis period, a 90 day plan of the keywords that we are going after is created.  This allows for a tangible result to the progress of your site.

Also, extremely important is that immediately analytics code is installed into the site.  Then through conversion tracking, you can determine how the keywords and traffic is working.  A million visitors doesn’t mean anything if they don’t covert into sales.  There are many ways to get poor traffic to the site that looks good from a volume stand point that never converts into sales.

As part of the needs analysis, Authority SEO will create a blog optimized for information and your site.  The blog serves three purposes.  The first, being a way to communicate with future clients.  The second, a way to support the link building process explained below, and third, it is one of the easiest ways to get new content complete.  Blogs have the ability to get instant traffic as they are listed by time in blog search engines.

Competition Sites

As part of the needs analysis, I create a profile for who your competition is.  It is important to understand how optimized the competition is and to find keywords that we can rank faster that have good traffic.  I also use a tool where I can see what keywords they rank for and the traffic they get.  This works great in creating our list of keywords we are targeting.  To be successful in SEO we have to optimize each keyword better then the competition for that word so we need to know what keywords are worth going after.

Link Building

Link building is the most important aspect to search engine traffic and rankings.  Proper linking building delivers high conversion traffic and is considered up to 80% responsible for website traffic.  Link building is how search engines determine your site’s importance.  Also, through link building we are telling the search engines what is important on your site.

The text that is linked (anchor text) is just as important as the link itself.  If we want to rank for birth announcements than we want to create links that have the text birth announcements to the optimized page for birth announcements.  One common problem is people may link the word birth announcements to multiple pages which confuses search engines as to which is the most important page to rank for birth announcements.

Link building will be an essential ongoing feature of website optimization which is needed on a monthly basis.

Baseline stats related to link building

Authority SEO starts a baseline looking at key stats associated with your site.  Authority SEO looks at a variety of key performance indicators and creates a chart for you to monitor your sites progress.  The baseline demonstrates quantitative results that support the understanding of how Authority SEO accomplishes its goals.  Stats consist of indexed links, pages, rankings, and more.

Don’t get too caught up into Page Rank and Alexa Ranking as they mean nothing when compared to search traffic specific to your site.  They are more just good references.

SEO Continuity

Authority SEO will work on a monthly basis to optimize new and old content, meta tags, and market trends.  Any new information will be optimized to make the best difference on the web.  Also, every month we monitor tracking of keyword rankings and competition.  The goal every month is to increase the number of keywords that your site ranks for and increase traffic.  A constant increase in traffic can be shifted due to market trends like less people searching on the web in the summer.

Important to understand with site rankings and traffic is that Google and Yahoo like new content.  For a site to continue to rank no matter how good the SEO work was the site has to be updated on a regular basis.  Once a site stops with regular updates the site will start to lose it rankings.


The better the content on your site, the more this allows yourself to be seen as an expert in your specific area.  This is important as people search social bookmarks, blogs, message boards, and other sites that create a good reference to you.