Secure Top Google Natural Rankings for Your Website

Every business wants to find their website at the top of Google search engine rankings for the keywords that are essential to their products or services.

Authority SEO utilizes proven strategies to achieve top Google search rankings for major keywords and keep them there.  The goal is to have as many keywords as possible that are a direct link to your products and services that rank in the Top 10 of Google organic or natural search.  This is the search results that show up in the middle of the page and not the paid sponsored advertising on the side.

Authority SEO Results

Type in Google Search

online personal trainer – find website

wedding dresses – find website

ephedra diet pills – find website

As important as these keywords are to the above mentioned websites, what is truly important is the number of keywords that these websites rank for  that is in the Top 10 of Google rankings.  One keyword can only deliver so much traffic and sales.  True SEO and high volume sales comes from ranking for the thousands of different ways people are searching for your business not just the big terms.  There are over 8,000 different keywords phrases that people are searching for the term “wedding dress” and that doesn’t even count the number search for wedding gown.

It is Authority SEO’s ability to find and then rank for the thousands of different targeted keyword phrases that separates their online results from other search engine optimization companies.

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