What is google page rank

Google Page Rank has changed which has affected not everyone, though enough people were affected to make a significant difference. To better look at how PageRank has affected websites rankings in Google search engine, we first better have to look at what is Google PageRank.

Google Page Rank updates every 3 months or so which typically doesn’t mean much to most websites. Google is always updating page-ranks of web pages and every three months you see an update to the numerical value.

What is Google PageRank?

Page Rank is the algorithm created by Larry Page the founder of Google that associates a value to every web page to demonstrate a level of importance. Google themselves states that Page-Rank is an indicator of a page’s value based on a web pages link structure. PageRank is more than just a total amount of links going from one website to another; it also looks at how important are the websites sending the links.

Google uses a real time page rank for every web page that it indexes into its search database though the ranking you may see on a certain page is only updated every 3-4 months.

One thing to keep in mind is that Google Page-Rank doesn’t directly mean you will rank for any certain keyword in the Google search engine. As things important to search engine optimization that deliver traffic like frequent content updates, directory listings like DMOZ or Yahoo, and even websites that are .edu or .gov won’t always have an effect on Page Rank.

Google states that it looks for online pages that are both reputable and relevant. What that means is that if you are looking for information on children’s clothes that a website dedicated to children’s clothes will rank higher for certain terms in the search engine over a high PageRank website that might only mention children’s clothes.

Page Rank is a good indicator though of how high the quality and the number of links that are directed to any one page.

For all of you that want to find a way to cheat the system by arbitrarily increasing your PageRank, Google can manually lower your Page Rank which it did to www.searchking.com (a black hat marketing website) to zero which it still is today. This crushed there SEO abilities.
One of the frustrations of Google Page Rank is that any one can see a websites Page-Rank and in many cases not understand why one website is ranked higher than another. No one other than Google themselves understand how PageRank really works.