Why is My Advertising and Marketing Failing

So your site is getting traffic though people aren’t buying. What is the problem? Think about how many times you have attempted to raise your profits by increasing the advertising or marketing even though you know that you are not getting the conversions for your efforts. The true answer to the issue may lie deeper in how your marketing strategies either work with or work against your product or service.

With the rise of the Internet, competition from small firms to large corporations can be at instant access to the consumer. This high level of competition forces people that are going to be successful into smart marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as, what happens once they land on your site.

No matter how successful your seo efforts, tv commercial, or paid per click advertising are nothing is as important as the product or service you are offering. The best way of looking at is that your product is more important than your marketing wit.

A different strategy to take to your marketing is making your product or products the focus of your advertising instead of how flashy the advertisement is. A new goal that can make a world of difference is getting your product’s name imprinted onto the minds of your future customers. To give an example of the opposite; have your ever talked about how funny a certain commercial was only to not know the product or company that was selling the product. Sometimes the more boring commercial is a winner because at the end of the day you remember the products name.

Does your product or service have an unique selling proposition? What separates your product or service from the next website? In some cases there really isn’t any difference, though in the proposition you associate with your product that people can see and remember can make the difference from them buying it from you.

So lets say that you have done all of that and you still got low conversions into sales for your products or services. Does your website’s message clearly backup and enhance the message that got people to your website to begin with. What if you claim to have fast shipping? When people are then reading about your products do they see fast shipping and follow up terms like ships same day or within 24 hrs on the page. You may have this information in a shipping policy page though not everyone reads those. If fast shipping is what separates your company from the rest than you this should be instantly available on every page of your site. You have to remember that people land all over your site and you want your main message communicated instantly.

Online where are real profits made, when people return to repurchase again. This probably the most overlooked aspect of online sales and marketing. We are always so worried about more traffic and higher conversions we forget to take care of our customers and make it easy for them to return and repurchase.

When comparing two companies conversion rates we often study the landing pages, keywords that drove the traffic, or the price of the product to determine how to increase our own conversion rates. After looking at this and beating your brains in as you believe everything you are seeing online you have a better offer without better results. You forget the repeat customer and the high conversions of direct traffic back the website. Getting repeat customers is more than just good customer service. Do people even know who you are? Have you ever bought something online only to later not know what website it actually was? It is important to continually brand your website with your unique selling proposition so people remember both not just the slogan.

The last thing about your website’s success is the value of your product or service. If you want growing repeat business the product has to be good once the customer receives it and uses it. In some cases our products may be personal to us so it may be important to get outside opinion on the real value of your products. No company sustained any consistent growth and success without a really good product in the end.