Does the Type of Page Affect SEO

You may have or not noticed that at the end of the url on your website or websites you are visiting are .php, .cfm, .html, .asp, or .pdf.  There are even more options than just these.  So, does the type of page created make a difference in link building and your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

The web language extensions or software programs used to create web pages like php, asp, html, and so on have no difference between them as it relates to SEO.  What is going to matter as it relates to SEO and link building for your site or the site you want a link from is the strength of that website not its extension.

There is more debate about pdf and word documents online or any other document format that may be published.  Search engines do index document formats online so they have some weight.  It is believed that links coming from a PDF doesn’t carry the same weight as a link from a more standard web page.  That changes when you add SEO factors though.  If a PDF has a 1,000 quality links pointing to it than it will have more power than a web page with 20 poor quality links.

The best way I look at this is do you want info in document format form like a PDF.  The answer for me is no.  When is the last time you searched online and when you clicked on a result go a PDF?  If you did because they typcially take so long to load you hit your back button and moved on.  I would recommend taking info you have in PDF form and getting into standard web lanuage with the rest of your website.  You can always have multiple pages if your PDF was large.