Microsoft Set to Release Kumo Search Engine to Compete with Google



Microsoft is in the works to launch Kumo, a new search engine to rival Google.  Microsoft’s goal with Kumo is offer a fresher look that focuses on organic results and better layout for advertisers.

If Kumo can live up to the hype it will be the best search engine experience that Microsoft has ever offered to the public.

The new search results of Kumo will place more importance on images and videos, and for have a stronger ecommerce presence.  The ecommerce features will give searchers more detailed information about the products, if they are in stock or not, and the different prices of online stores.

For example if you search for the term “iphone” you will have multiple filters to download apps, see related searches, search history, and more.

The new layout would allow for advertisers to blend more with the content and the goal would be make them more clickable.

The Kumo layout consists of three columns including a middle column for search content, advertisement on the right nav, and a new related searches and search categories on the left hand navigation.  The new left nav should make it easier for people to get back to recent searches and search categories which are based on successful search results.

There is no launch date yet for Kumo and we will keep you informed once it launches.