Constant Contact is the Email Marketing Service Used by Authority SEO


I believe the best review of a product or service comes from people who actually use the products or services.  I hear on the radio all the time people talking about products that you know they don't use just because they sponsor the show.  For the record I use Constant Contact for my email marketing campaigns.  You can see this in the right navigation where you can sign up for me free SEO newsletter.  In full disclosure, I also earn commission if you click one of the Constant Contact links, and we at Authority SEO would appreciate it if you like the SEO and Internet Marketing strategies that I provide that you use one of the links to sign up. Authority SEO … [Read more...]

Top 25 Websites on the Web


Added an update as of May 10th, 2010 - This post was originally done last year in June so almost a full year has gone by.  It can be very interesting to see how the the top websites in the world wide web have changed.  Facebook now holds the #2 position which is important as the rumor is that Facebook might become the first true challenger to Google dominance of search and Internet traffic. Most people didn't even realize that Twitter which has gotten a lot of publicity wasn't in the Top 25 Websites last year though it is this year.  With the new way Google SERP works to show Facebook and Twitter updates these two social media sites have real ecommerce … [Read more...]

Google One Way Links – 2 Min SEO by Authority SEO

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5 Tips to Increase Exposure of Local Search

local search

If you have typed in your industry into the Google or Yahoo search engine, you have seen the Local Search results for your competitors.  Having you company listed in local search is essential to receiving the future customers who are looking for your direct business.  If you don't have your company listed, people will just find your competitors. Local search results show above organic listings in Google's search engine for GEO targeted searches of local businesses As the following is a list of tips for increasing your ability to show up in the top local search results, we will not cover any more spam techniques that I feel will eventually get you caught and your … [Read more...]

Transformers Search Engine Optimization – More Than Meets the Eye


In the Transformer movies the term is used "more than meets the eye."  The phrase may be used to describe how the Transformers turn from cars into fighting robots though you could use this to describe some of the most basic aspects of search engine optimization (SEO).  When people think about SEO transforming the basics can achieve big dividends as it relates to search engine rankings. Like Transformers their are parts of your website that are "More Than Meets the Eye" Transformer #1 Titles: Titles are as basic as it gets on your website.  Every page on your website has a title.  I believe titles are the #1 aspect of your website done poorly for SEO than any … [Read more...]

Top Ten Affiliate Networks

If you are looking to find new ways for your website to generate revenue than affiliate marketing may be your best choice.  Affiliate marketing is the presence of ads or links place on your website though different than Adsense is that you get paid not when a person clicks; when a person converts to a sale on the website.  You may be thinking that this would pay on less because it will obvious take more clicks to get a sale though with good commission structures you can make more money on getting the right advertisements for your website than the cents you get from Adsense. Affiliate marketing is a win/ win for both merchants and publishers In affiliate marketing … [Read more...]

Local Small Business SEO – 3 Reasons Why You Need To

local seo

Whether you are a small business locally found in Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, CO, or Las Vegas, NV Internet marketing through search engine optimization (SEO) has the ability to deliver a wealth of new customers.  Local small businesses are the last group joining the party as it relates to Online marketing.  It was obvious from the start that large national or global companies would benefit from SEO consulting though there was a question if local doctor offices, lawyers, dry cleaners, dentists, and more would achieve the same rewards. Google now uses GEO Targeting which determines the Online searcher's physical location through their IP address There are three … [Read more...]

How to Know What Other Websites Your Competitor Owns – Free

The following tool I am listing I have some issues with on many different levels though as it is available I do want to share it with you.  The tool allows you to spy on any website you want by checking to see what other websites they associated with.  They use Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and IP address to do so. Go to I have not hyperlinked this website as I really don't want any link of mine being associated with this website.  It is a free service that doesn't require you to register. I did some tests and found mixed results.  On every test I did I got a host of results that were true (as I have personal knowledge), though I also got … [Read more...]

Parker Finch Partners with Authority SEO to Enhance Online Brand

hoa community management

Parker Finch a leader in HOA management with offices in Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas wanted to increase their online visibility.  Parker Finch have started to market their company through their website and now want to optimize their online brand. Parker Finch has a tremondous opportunity to expand its customer base through on page optimization to better tell their story and through consistent Internet marketing strategy that supports their brand. … [Read more...]

5 Questions to Determine Your Online Marketing Strategy

If you want to me successful online you need a road map.  I feel the #1 reason few people are successful truly with their SEO consulting campaigns is that their is too much"shoot from the him" and over following the latest fad.  For example everyone wants to know if you are on Twitter?  Just ask yourself how much time have you spent on Twitter in the last month or week.? Did you know Twitter now has .001% market share in all online searches.  That is significant for an up and coming website which relates to 4.2 million searchers and 39.4 million Result Pages.  That still pails in comparison to Google which is 60% of all search volume.  Which did you spend … [Read more...]

Lowering Prices is Not the Only Way to Increase Conversions on Your Online Store

lowering prices online store

With every online merchant, you are constantly looking at how to improve your conversion rates.  Conversion rates are the percentage of visitors that follow through and make a purchase.  The average ecommerce website typically has a conversion rate of less than 2%.  If you use Google Adwords instead of organic search then expect an even smaller percentage of your visitors to buy.  You need to keep that number in mind when you estimate the revenue that your website can generate. You can also do the math to realize that if you could move the needle to a consistent 3% what that would do to your revenue stream.  Many online stores are always looking at how they … [Read more...]

Seo Web Design – Does Google Index Keywords on Your Website – 2 Min SEO

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How long to capture visitors attention on website landing page

One of the critical issues to building a successful website and SEO campaign is telling your story and making the visitor want more in just a few seconds.  On average you have 5 seconds to capture the attention of the visitor to make them want to spend more time on your website.  Understanding what your visitors are seeing is key to reduce your websites bounce rate. Click on any website and your eyes go some where.  This may sound obvious though have you ever looked at where your eyes go on your website.  Does your landing page instantly let the visitor know what your site is about, the quality of your site, and where to go or what to do next.  Each of these … [Read more...]

4 Factors that Affect Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If you have started looking at the analytics on your website you have noticed the item “bounce rate.”  Understanding what your bounce rate is and the factors that affect it is vital to making the most of your Online traffic.  You work to hard to get unique visitors to your website to lose them. First, what is bounce rate?  Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site without ever clicking on another page in your website. Inside Your Website Factors that Affect Bounce Rate Design: Think about websites that you have visited that annoyed you and you immediately left.  Do you have any of these aspects on your own site?  Lots of … [Read more...]

3 Steps to More Twitter Followers

By now I know you have heard of Twitter.  Twitter has become all the rage, though you start your account and now it is how do I get followers.  There is two ideas around followers before we get to how to get them.  You have to decide what type of followers you want. You may think that having thousands of followers is great.  It could be.  What would thousands of followers mean to your company if they were empty followers.  What do I mean empty followers?  You can easily tell the difference between a follower who is interested in your posts and a spammer or even just someone hoping to increase their own Twitter account who cares nothing about what you are … [Read more...]