Will Google Friend Connect Affect My SEO Rankings

Google has just released Google Friend Connect, which is a service that allows websites to easily add social media apps directly into their sites with no IT experience.  Just cut and paste the social application code you want and drop it into your website.

Directly Google Friend Connect won’t drive more traffic to your website.  The goal would be to enhance the social aspects of your site which can allow visitors to interact more.  You would need a fair amount of traffic already to have these features work so people have other people to interact with.

Google in the future which is only a guess on my part could find a way to involve the data from Google Friend Connect into the search algorithm.  Through this service Google would know if your articles are being rated favorably or not, plus would know how many friends and users are interacting.  They could use this information possibly in the future as a way of ranking different sites.

For right now go to Google Friend Connect which you can find by typing it into Google’s search bar and see if any of the social apps apply to your site.