Two Things Your Company Should Have Online

With the present economy the way it is companies are cutting back on their marketing budgets.  One the biggest cuts is to internet marketing as most companies haven’t gotten a firm grasp on the power of the web to market and increase sales.

With less money to spend on marketing it is important to understand what is most important for your business.  An overall strategy for positioning and branding your company is more extensive than the information in this post, though the goal of this post is 2 things that your company should have online.

  1. Your company should have one blog.  A blog is a great way to interact with your customer on a more direct way.  The writing for the blog can be more of your expert opinion on important topics relating to your business.  Also, you can incorporate many of the popular social networks into links and features on your blog.  One important aspect of blogs is that they are index based on time so updated content is a must.  Since blog search engines index based on time if you are updated your blog on a regular basis you will get traffic.
  2. The second item your company needs is a Facebook profile.  Even if you are investing the time to update and utilize all the features of Facebook; people researching your company will find your Facebook page which can give them valuable information on the type of products and services you offer.