Social Media Marketing Plan

Product Definition
Authority SEO offers a social media marketing package that includes popular social media sites like Myspace and Facebook.  The goal of this package is to increase your online visibility by adding a social component to your online marketing plan.

As the social media environment changes with new websites becoming popular and others fade away.  Your social media marketing plan updates so your strategy will always be up to date with the best social resources for your business.

Each social media site has different requirements and social services so we don’t go into depth about each one.  We utilize each social media site to their fullest by posting, updating, adding content, creating friends, and so to maximize your profile for each social site.

1.    personalized profile on each site
2.    monthly updates to all social sites listed below
3.    utilize site’s features to create friends or share bookmarks; we interact with the social site based how that site was built to benefit your business


The following is a list of the sites Authority SEO updates as part of our social media package.

1.    Facebook
2.    MySpace
3.    Tagged
4.    Skyrock
5.    Friendster
6.    Photobucket (optional: read below)

Photobucket is a great social media site for photos.  Authority SEO will update and utilize the Photobucket features for your business on the condition that you supply the photos.  On a monthly basis you supply the photos and Authority SEO adds them to Photobucket.

Search engine optimization works in a couple ways with social media.  First, many of the social sites are listed in Google’s search rankings, which mean people searching for your topic could find your Facebook page as one of the results.  This increases your ability to rank for more keywords.

Second, people are using each of the social media sites as well.  A proper updated social media site can drive targeted traffic with in the social site which then has an opportunity to read about your business.
Third, most social sites in some form allow a link to be placed on your profile page which people can click to take direct to your website.  Not having to type in your website into their browser increases the chance they will take a look at your website.

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