How well is Search Engine Doing

By now you have probably seen the keyword overload commerical by Bing which is the latest search engine to challenge Google. is created my Microsoft which uses past searches and more detailed information in the search results in hopes that people which switch from Google as the major search engine player to Bing.

So how well is Bing doing?  One thing you have to keep in mind is that it is only been available for a couple weeks.  Bing now ranks forth in highest visited search engines.  This isn’t too bad since people have only had a week to use.  The initial reviews are good as people like the search results interface.

Will Bing challenge Google; that chapter has yet to be written.  The greater obstacle in over taking Google is not just making a better search engine; it is that Google is now part of American culture and has become its own verb.  I bet you have said “just Google it.”