Are you tracking your website

Do you know how many visitors are finding your website?  Do you know what your visitors are doing on your site?  If you answer starts with the how many hits you have then probably not.  Every possible photo, link, video, and so on is a hit so one simple page could have 100 hits.  You need to know how many visitors you are getting on a daily basis and what they are doing.

Google Analytics is a free service that delivers more information on your traffic then you will ever use.  Google Analytics gives you a code to place in your footer of your website so the code shows on every page.

Once you have your analytics installed on your website you need to make looking at your statistics a weekly occurrence.  What you are looking at is very site specific.  It is important to set up a set of key performance indicators (KPI) that you are tracking on a consistent basis.

If you are a local company then knowing how many of your visitors are in your area is important.  If you are an ecommerce site then creating a funnel to track conversions becomes imperative.  If you have an online store knowing how many people are new customers and how many are returning can greatly support your marketing efforts.  All of these and more can be derived from your analytics.

Example KPIs

  1. Total traffic
  2. Traffic from search engines
  3. Top 20 keywords
  4. Conversion percentage
  5. Number of different keywords that send traffic
  6. Number of different websites that send traffic

What ever your website using your analytics to determine your strategies will take the guess work out of what you need to do to be successful online.