Why On Page SEO is More than Meta Tags

You want to optimize your website for the search engines, namely Google.  My favorite conversion with future SEO consulting clients is on the conversion of site optimization.  The first thing that any person will tell me is I have meta tags on my website.  Meta tags are important though they should be done before I even start with what I would call fundamentals.  I am not going into in this articles how many sites which have the same meta information on every page.

The goal of this post is receive a greater understanding about other important factors for each page of your website.

Do you know if your important keywords are in the top 100 words of your page?

With site optimization you have to understand that it is a competition.  It isn’t do ABC and then presto I am #1 on Google’s search engine.  You have to do it better than the next guy if you want to succeed.  The other key understanding is that more is not better.  Because you need to have your keyword on your page if you are going to rank for it doesn’t mean to add it a thousand times and spam your page.

Top 5 Things to Optimize on Your Page

  1. Keyword in url
  2. Keyword in title
  3. Keyword in meta description and keywords
  4. Keyword at least twice in first 100 words
  5. Keyword in H1 tags

This should be a good to start to optimizing your page better for search engines.  Depending on your competition you still may have to make your page even better.