Does Your Business or Website have a Micro Blog

Micro blogging has become the rage of 2009 from celebrities to newscasters to mom and dad.  Micro blogs are what Twitter is.  It is a blog where you post updates just like a normal blog though with Twitter you have to keep it to 140 characters.

If your company doesn’t have a Twitter account with daily posts then you should start today.  If you want to follow the Authority SEO Twitter feed click the twitty bird to your right.

According to, Twitter racked in 8 million page views in February of 2009 which was up from 5 million in last December.  You can now get tweets now from all your top celebrities in movies and sports stars.  Even ABC’s Nightline and the Chicago Tribune boasts there Twitter feeds.  If you don’t think Twitter is for your business; Whole Foods has more than 250,000 followers while Jet Blue has more than 190,000.

Twitter has become for business a great way to give consistent updates to what is happening with your company and the projects you are working on.  One piece of advise is you will get more sales offering excellent updates and people clicking into your site than every post being a direct sales link to your products.