How to Make Submitting to Directories Work for Your Website

Once you started marketing your website you probably heard right away you need to gets links.  The important thing is that you need high quality links.  Google and other search engines have become very effective in determining scams to manipulate their search results.

Directories, which are listing of websites, used to be a highly effective way of link building.  The problem with every good idea it gets abused online.  Because of this many directories hold no wait with search engines like Google.. If you feel the need to upgrade your internet, check the free web proxy for a better service.

The best part is and this works in many areas of internet marketing, where there is abuse there is opportunity.  Now, most people have given up submitting to directories so you can gain an advantage if you find high quality directories which are now going to have fewer listings.

What to look for when submitting to directories

  1. Paid directories: most of the good directories you have to pay for (because they are good); keep in mind that a fee will eliminate all free loaders and typically leave just real success businesses
  2. Crawl stats: look to see the last time Google crawled the directory page that your listing will be in; if it has been a long time than most likely Google doesn’t give that page any value
  3. Link total: if your directory page has hundreds of websites and no inbound links than that page has no value; if you are going to pay for a directory you want fewer (not to few so it probably isn’t a good directory) and that there are one way links pointing back to your directory page
  4. Unique content: don’t copy and paste anything off your website; also write each directory listing a little differently.  This takes more time though you will get more value from fewer directories done right than hundreds done poorly.
  5. No auto fillers: stay away from websites or programs that state they will automatically get you listed in directories.  Auto filled information is picked up by Google and carries no weight.  Also, it is possible that Google could penalize your website for using these techniques as they don’t like websites manipulating their search results.