Top 5 Keys to Choosing the Right Content Management System

In the beginning websites were created and new content was uploaded and changed through a manual process through FTP.  Now, with the ever changing landscape of online business websites need more flexibility and scalability.  With a proper content management system (CMS) any website owner has the power to create a dynamic and up to date site for their business.

Content management systems are web based admin tools designed to make adding and changing content on your website easy and affordable.  With a simple internet connection you can log into your back office to add articles, change pages, and showcase sales or specials you are running.  With CMS you don’t have to send your items to your IT guy and wait till he gets around to you.

Top 5 Keys for Choosing the Right Content Mangement System

  1. Easy to use: make sure you demo how the CMS will work.  It should be easy to use and it shouldn’t be any harder than typing in a Word document.
  2. Website Control: all banners, branding, marketing, navigation, and content pages should be easily accessible and editable by you the online business owner without any need for IT programming.
  3. SEO tools: for effective internet marketing and SEO you want the CMS to create search engine friendly urls ( and the ability to add custom meta tags for every page on the site.
  4. Business applications: the CMS platform should have the ability to integrate your business applications that seperate you from the competition
  5. Flexible: as new features and products come available you want a CMS that has the ability for customization and the easy ability to add html code from new programs