5 Factors You May Not Know that Affect Your Websites Google Rankings

For every website, the goal is to rank in the top of Google search results for the keywords that are important to their business.  As businesses develop strategies for increasing their rankings and overall traffic there can be factors that affect their Google search results that they don’t even think about.  These more obscure factors become more important the more competitive the terms you want to rank for are.

5 Factors You May Not Now that Affect Your Google Rankings

  1. Poor links: you may have heard that links for poor sites don’t have the importance that high quality links do though did you know that if you are sending links to poor sites that Google can perceive your site to be part of thier ilk.
  2. Hosting issues: websites on not very stable hosting accounts can go down from time to time which means Google can’t spider your website.  If this is a common problem Google determines your site to be unstable and can drop it in the rankings.
  3. Duplicate titles: a good website will always have unique titles for every page on their website.  Having duplicate titles even on low ranking pages shows lack of quality for a website.
  4. Same anchor text: We know that effective anchor text can support your keyword rankings.  If you only get links with the same anchor text then Google sees that you are attempting to manipulate search results and can punish you.  It is important to change up some of your anchor text links.
  5. Spamming your page: You need your keyword on the page to rank for it.  Spamming your page with a high percentage of the same keyword over and over will drop your rankings instead of improve them.