3 Steps to More Twitter Followers

By now I know you have heard of Twitter.  Twitter has become all the rage, though you start your account and now it is how do I get followers.  There is two ideas around followers before we get to how to get them.  You have to decide what type of followers you want.

You may think that having thousands of followers is great.  It could be.  What would thousands of followers mean to your company if they were empty followers.  What do I mean empty followers?  You can easily tell the difference between a follower who is interested in your posts and a spammer or even just someone hoping to increase their own Twitter account who cares nothing about what you are talking about.

The reason I bring up this disction is that many people are attempting to get thousands of followers with little regard to the quality.  This can be a good approach as it will in esence increase your online visibility and give you a better chance of finding people who are interested in your tweets.

The other option is using slower processes of building your Twitter followers though each follower is higher quality and are more ap to take action on information you provide.  I will comment next to each of the steps as to what group of attending followers it belongs to.

3 Steps to More Twitter Followers

  1. Twitter Trains: Twitter Trains are websites that you basically become followers of other people looking to create followers and then people join you.  It is all about “all aboard.”  These followers are of low value as your followers only did this so they can get followers just like you did.  It can work well as you can lots of followers quickly where some could want to follow you for real.  The one thing a lot of followers does is it looks good to potential new followers checking out your account.
  2. Follow others: You can use the search feature in Twitter or join the Twitter accounts from websites that you enjoy their information.  The goal is that they will then follow you back.  If they chose to follow you back they are much higher quality then Twitter Trains as they made a choice to follow you because they wanted to.  You also will be on their follower list that others can see.
  3. Follow me on your site: You can put a link back to your Twitter account on your blog, website, and online commenting profile(Authority SEO uses DISQUS).  This is a slower process though each person you get from this method is of the highest value as they have either read your comments or your website and find your opinion valuable.  You can search online to find nice Twitter icons you can use.  Check out our Twitter icon to your right.