4 Factors that Affect Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If you have started looking at the analytics on your website you have noticed the item “bounce rate.”  Understanding what your bounce rate is and the factors that affect it is vital to making the most of your Online traffic.  You work to hard to get unique visitors to your website to lose them.

First, what is bounce rate?  Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site without ever clicking on another page in your website.

Inside Your Website Factors that Affect Bounce Rate

  1. Design: Think about websites that you have visited that annoyed you and you immediately left.  Do you have any of these aspects on your own site?  Lots of clutter, sharp colors, flash animations, and especially noise from music or virtual presenters can lead to high bounce rates.  You have 5 seconds to connect with your visitor, so you don’t want them instantly annoyed or not knowing what your site offers.
  2. Content: As more and more websites write content for the search engines as everybody wants to be ranked, many writers have forgot that it is still people who read your content.  It doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate if people don’t find your content well written, helpful, and written in a way that enhances your brand.
  3. Navigation: To stop bounce rate a person has to click another page on your site.  How hard is it for a person to determine what to do next on your site?  I call them funnels which are the paths that you want to lead people down to support their buying decision or getting involved decision for your website.  You should have an attracted and easy to understand option on every page of your website that leads people into the funnel you want.
  4. Technical: If you see high bounce rate on a page you want to check to make sure everything on the page is working.  Are you going to keep reading in a website that has bugs and issues when you land on the pages?  One more key factor to technical issues has to if people have to download components to view aspects of your page.  Most people are wary of these types of programs as they don’t want spyware on their computer.  Your best bet it to find solutions where people with any browser will be able to view your media.