How to Know What Other Websites Your Competitor Owns – Free

The following tool I am listing I have some issues with on many different levels though as it is available I do want to share it with you.  The tool allows you to spy on any website you want by checking to see what other websites they associated with.  They use Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and IP address to do so.

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I have not hyperlinked this website as I really don’t want any link of mine being associated with this website.  It is a free service that doesn’t require you to register.

I did some tests and found mixed results.  On every test I did I got a host of results that were true (as I have personal knowledge), though I also got tons of miss information as the websites associated with website were not connected.  I even went to checkout some of these websites and some didn’t even exist.

One issue could also be that especially blogs as they don’t require huge data bases could be on shared hosting from companies like  It is possible that many of the results are the other websites in the shared hosting account.  I have no idea I am just guessing as to so many websites that are not connected showing up.

This theory got hole punched in it when I checked websites that have their own servers and have a couple hundred websites associated with its IP address.  This would impossible so I have no idea where the information is coming from.

My thoughts is use at your own risk