Top Ten Affiliate Networks

If you are looking to find new ways for your website to generate revenue than affiliate marketing may be your best choice.  Affiliate marketing is the presence of ads or links place on your website though different than Adsense is that you get paid not when a person clicks; when a person converts to a sale on the website.  You may be thinking that this would pay on less because it will obvious take more clicks to get a sale though with good commission structures you can make more money on getting the right advertisements for your website than the cents you get from Adsense.

Affiliate marketing is a win/ win for both merchants and publishers

In affiliate marketing a merchant is the company or website than has an Online store or service than they want to market.  They create an account with an affiliate ad agency which allows publishers to find them and join their campaign.  Publishers are websites who are going to place a merchant’s ads on their site to earn commission.  Why this a win/ win for both is that merchants only pay when it works.  No more click fraud, when a person converts to a sale you pay a commission.  Instead of having physical sales people you have virtual sales people.  For publishers you can earn more income than you can with PPC campaigns.  To generate consistent income you do need to make sure your ads you are running match with your website.

Top Ten Affiliate Networks

The affiliate network websites listed below are ranked by total traffic.  This is not a ranking of how effective or how easy it is to use the networks.  One thing to keep in mind though is if these are ones people are visiting the most than there is a good bet they work exceptionally well.  I have personal experience with Commission Junction and Shareasale.  I have found both work well.

If you are a new merchant when I recommend Shareasale as a good starting point.  Shareasale has one of the lower upfront costs to creating a merchant program and they have good customer service which I have personally used.

  6. (Commission Junction)