Transformers Search Engine Optimization – More Than Meets the Eye

In the Transformer movies the term is used “more than meets the eye.”  The phrase may be used to describe how the Transformers turn from cars into fighting robots though you could use this to describe some of the most basic aspects of search engine optimization (SEO).  When people think about SEO transforming the basics can achieve big dividends as it relates to search engine rankings.

Like Transformers their are parts of your website that are “More Than Meets the Eye”

Transformer #1

transformersTitles: Titles are as basic as it gets on your website.  Every page on your website has a title.  I believe titles are the #1 aspect of your website done poorly for SEO than any other.  If you want to rank for a competitive keyword, the keyword phrase has to be in the title.

  • Many websites have the same title as their homepage spread throughout every page.  This tells Google and other search engines that every page has the same info.  Every page on your website needs to have a unique keyword driven title.
  • The second way to transform your titles is by adding other keyword adjectives to your keyword phrase you want to rank for.  Seventy percent of all searches are unique and this will greatly support you in ranking for many of the different ways future customers are searching for your business.

Transformer #2

Meta Tags: Meta tags are the description of every page that you tell the search engines and is the brief description online searchers will read under your website in organic rankings.  You want the meta description to describe your title and you have 160 characters to do so.  More than 160 won’t be picked and can look spammy.

  • You want to write meta descriptions with two purposes in mind.  First, you want the keywords important on the page to be in your meta description.  The second item is that you want the description to be well written so it will make an Online searcher click into your website.

Transformer #3

Keyword density: Keyword density is the percentage of khow many times a keyword phrase is used on each page based on the total words.  As it is important to make sure your keywords are in the body of the page, over doing can make your webpage look like spamm.

  • The goal of your article is for the important keywords for each page to have a keyword density of 2%.  Two percent works as a good rule of thumb.  There is some debate over the exact number though most agree it is around 2%.