Constant Contact is the Email Marketing Service Used by Authority SEO

I believe the best review of a product or service comes from people who actually use the products or services.  I hear on the radio all the time people talking about products that you know they don’t use just because they sponsor the show.  For the record I use Constant Contact
for my email marketing campaigns.  You can see this in the right navigation where you can sign up for me free SEO newsletter.  In full disclosure, I also earn commission if you click one of the Constant Contact links, and we at Authority SEO would appreciate it if you like the SEO and Internet Marketing strategies that I provide that you use one of the links to sign up.

Authority SEO picked Constant Contact because they are one of the best email marketing services that works with small businesses as they grow

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Why do you need an email marketing service?  The answer is two fold.  First, if you are going to send out thousands of emails at once the only way to get them into people’s inbox and not their spam folders is with a good email campaign service.  The second is email marketing services allow you to send professional emails that have greater click through rates and conversion percentages.

Why Authority SEO uses Constant Contact

  1. Ease of setting up on website
  2. Professional newsletter formats
  3. Email campaigns get into inbox