Google Launches For Charity Search Engine – All For Good

All For Good

Google has just launched a new search engine to support charitable organizations.  The new search engine is at where just like normal Google search you place the keyword of the type of charity you are looking for and the results give you opportunities in your area.  The goal of this project is to make finding and supporting charitable organizations easier for the average person. The new community search engine also indexes which is a project of Obama to further encourage participation in people's communities. An added feature to further narrow down your search is that you can search based on today, this weekend, this week, and this … [Read more...]

Worm in Fake Twitter Invite Creates Havoc – Warning

twitter worm

A warning has been spreading through the social networks reporting of a worm hidden in fake Twitter invite emails.  Symantec releases that the malicious email has a attachment which when downloaded unleashed a viscous worm that captures your email addresses and digs its way into your removable hard drives and shared folders. Look out for email saying "Your friend invited you to twitter!", and the fake Twitter email address is invitations  Instead of a link the email carries an attachment with a zip file.  One downloaded onto your computer havoc will ensue. The issue with this worm is that it isn't spreading through the website or … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Better Press Releases

Generating press releases can have very positive effects for your website and business.  There are different press release sites which have drastically different levels of users and price.  A good press release has the ability to generate buzz and drive lots of traffic, plus send high quality links back to your website. The down side is that press releases on the major sites like or have serious expenses to releasing your press release.  Without well written and a clear plan for your press release you can go broke with no results from poor press releases.  Listed below are three tips you can do to write better press releases and unleash the … [Read more...]

Blog Comments with Facebook and Twitter Accounts on your Posts – 2 Min SEO

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Comment on Posts Using Facebook and Twitter with Disqus


Authority SEO has added the service of DISQUS to offer visitors even more flexibility in commenting on posts.  Disqus is a comment feature company used by popular websites like and to organize and make it easier for people to comment on blog posts. For good coversations on posts it is helpful to know who you are.  With DISQUS service you can now post comments using your Twitter or Facebook account.  Many people stay logged into these two social media while they read online and can instantly increase the visibility of their profiles by adding good comments.  Check it out and post a comment on one of Authority SEO's posts. One … [Read more...]

Content the King of Search Ranking Success – Rush Hour Traffic by Authority SEO

rush hour traffic podcast Rush Hour Traffic Podcast - Content the King of Search Ranking Success Why content is king for website ranking success Secret to ability for instant ranking for competitive keywords email Rush Hour Traffic with questions … [Read more...]

5 Factors You May Not Know that Affect Your Websites Google Rankings

seo results

For every website, the goal is to rank in the top of Google search results for the keywords that are important to their business.  As businesses develop strategies for increasing their rankings and overall traffic there can be factors that affect their Google search results that they don't even think about.  These more obscure factors become more important the more competitive the terms you want to rank for are. 5 Factors You May Not Now that Affect Your Google Rankings Poor links: you may have heard that links for poor sites don't have the importance that high quality links do though did you know that if you are sending links to poor sites that Google can … [Read more...]

Organic Seo Company – Real Case Studies of Internet Marketing Results – 2 Min SEO

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Top 4 Online Marketing Mistakes

If you go online to read how to market your website you will find thousands of different answers.  Many of answers are probably the same or close though it can be hard to determine the difference.  With so much information it can be an overload.  This overload of internet marketing info can lead to bad online marketing habits or mistakes that can cost you sales. So, here I present to you some really flagrant mistakes that a digital marketing company Tampa professes that people make: Top 4 Online Marketing Mistakes Patience: most people don't give their organic SEO strategies time to work.  Because they don't get instant results they give up and prevent … [Read more...]

Where to find the best blogs

If you search using keywords in Google's blog search you may find that you don't always find what you are looking for. is an excellent resource for indexing the highest quality blogs.  What I like most is the list of top 100 blogs which gives added validity to what you are reading. … [Read more...]

Why Blog Search Rankings are Important for Your Business – 2 Min SEO

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Web SEO Rankings Anchor Text Strategy – 2 Min SEO

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Top 5 Reasons to Own a Blog for Your Business

Blogging has been around since the 1990's and you have probably heard the term the blogosphere.  Blogs in their simplest form are websites that offer up to date posts on a particular topic.  Each post then allows room for comments and discussions by readers. Top 5 Reasons to Own a Blog for Your Business Simple: it is the easiest way to create new content online.  If you can handle typing in a Word document you can handle a blog post. Authentic: a blog is written from the author's point of view.  Good blog posts are free direct advertising and offer the reader insights into the author's knowledge base. Free: you can get a blog created for free from … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing One Third of All Marketing Dollars Spent by 2013

The economic downturn has reduced total dollars spent on marketing across the board, and internet marketing is no exception.  What isn't slowing down is the increase in market share internet marketing is taking away from more traditional marketing media. PriceWaterhouseCoopers in a new report estimates that internet marketing with be 36% of all marketing dollars spent by 2013.  One key factor in the increase on web marketing is the ever increasing availability of wi-fi and broadband cards allowing people to have access to internet almost every where they go. One clear sign that the change is coming toward internet advertising is from Group M, a media buying … [Read more...]

The Problems with Over Doing Social Media for Your Business

Twitter is all the rage.  Everyone is tweeting now on who knows what from celebrities to serious news anchors.  Do you remember when MySpace was the biggest thing around?  The problem with social networks is they come and go so you have to keep up with what is the current one that is generating traffic. Myspace is now laying off jobs as they are over saturated with employees expecting their rocket growth to continue. I am not saying not to have a presence on the social networks far from it.  What I am saying what will not come and go is a consistent approach to building your own successful website.  If you spend too much of your resources on social media … [Read more...]

Advanced Organic Seo Anchor Text – 2 Min SEO

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