Google Search Basics – Crawl, Index, and Results

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Like all industries SEO and Internet marketing has its own set of terms and jargon that people use.  They main seem obvious to the web veteran, for the average business owner they are not so simple.  I get emails from "know it all" types stating that most of my posts are not written for the online experts.  So, if you are one of the so called online experts reading this post you can stop now, as this another post to support your business owner who wants to get his business online and start web marketing. I hear Google crawls my site; what does that mean? As you start to learn about search engine optimization one of the first terms you hear is Crawling.  Google … [Read more...]

Instant Web Traffic with Photos already on your webites – 2 Min SEO

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Top 10 Web Design Tips for Small Business

You can look at these two ways.  First, if you are just starting a website for your small business than these tips can save you a lot of time, headaches, and money from having to redo things later.  Secondly, if you are finding that your website isn't achieving the results you want from either conversions or traffic than use these tips to see if your website has areas to improve. Websites don't have to be expensive to be effective.  They just have to be set up correctly from the beginning. Top 10 Web Design Tips for Small Business Domain name: chose an obvious domain name that is either you company's name or keywords that represent what you are … [Read more...]

Questions You Need to Ask a Website SEO Consultant Before You Begin

As any business owners comes to realize at some point of time is that they need search engine optimization (SEO) support if they are going to grow their website and online revenue stream.  The challenge can ge daunting for the unfamiliar with the web as to how to find the right SEO consultant for your business.  The following are questions to ask any SEO website consultant before starting a contract with them.  For added validity to this list as Authority SEO is an SEO consulting company these questions were created by Google themselves (see Google's complete list). Authority SEO is excited to answer the questions that Google states are vital for high quality SEO … [Read more...]

5 Items to Check on Competitor Websites

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A vital part that should be part of your SEO and Internet marketing strategy is checking and verifying what the competition is doing.  Seeing what the competitions is doing can give you a great idea on what is working and what isn't.  When you start taking a look at your online competition you need to know what you are looking at.  The goal would be start a list that you can track and update with new information.  It is a good idea to do a review of your competition once a month. Your competition can give you great insight avenues for more revenue that you are missing 5 Items to Check on Competitor Websites Promotions: it is a good idea to keep up to date … [Read more...]

#1 SEO Mistake Most Businesses or Websites Make

If you own a business than I hope you either have a website or are in the process of building one.  Which ever state you are in you come to the realization that no matter how pretty or how much time you tool to build it you are getting no web traffic.  So, as any good business owner you start an Internet marketing campaign.  In my experience there has been one over riding factor why most Internet marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns fail.  The answer is consistency. Consistency is the reason most SEO plans fail First, lets be honest how many people reading this post have at one time believed that SEO is just something you do once and then it … [Read more...]

Now Comment Using OpenId profile

Authority SEO now lets you comment on posts using your OpenId profile.  You can now use your DISQUS, Twitter, Facebook, and OpenId to interact and exchange views with Authority SEO and its readers. OpenId is your Internet profile that you can use on many websites so you don' t have the need for many different usernames and passwords.  Over 40,000 different websites support the use of OpenId for user profiles. At the bottom of the post just click the icon to log into your OpenId profile and add your comment. … [Read more...]

Spam in Twitter Trending Topics

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On the right hand navigation of your Twitter profile is trending topics.  A nice snapshot of the most tweeted topics on Twitter for the day.  The idea is sound as I like to see what people are saying about current news and events though now I stay away because the trending topics is full of spam. I believe spam is the #1 threat to Twitter.  Twitter needs to get a handle on the automatic spam that is every where in Twitter.  You now have to very careful when clicking on a link in trending topics as it could send you to a site ready to dump spyware and viruses onto your computer.  I personally use Trend Micro for security which prevents me from opening … [Read more...]

5 Small Business Blog Post Ideas

You have started in the world of blogosphere for your small business and the reality sets in, Now What.  Blogging is an effective tool for increase brand awareness online though it can be a daunting task as to what to write about.  A successful blog needs to have consistent posts which means multiple times a week, and the top blogs have multiple posts per day.  This can be overwhelming at first until you create a strategy for how you are marketing your blog online. Remember a blog post unlike an article doesn't have to long 5 Small Business Blog Post Ideas Current events: you can use Google news, subscribe to RSS feeds for local news, or read the … [Read more...]

Meta Search Engine – What are they – 2 Min SEO

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9 Interesting Facts About Twitter

twitter followers research has seen rapid growth in new accounts in 2009 with every media outlet and celebrity promoting it.  With all the media hype surrounding Twitter, Sysomos Inc, social media analysis company, to a look at the 11.5 million Twitter accounts presently tweeting or we believe they are tweeting. The average Twitter account with more than 1,750 followers tweets more than 10 times a day 9 Interesting Facts About Twitter 72.5% of all Twitter accounts were created in the first half of 2009 85.3% of Twitter members tweet less than once a day 21% of Twitter accounts are blank with no posts 93.6% of Twitter profiles have less than 100 followers and 92.4% … [Read more...]

SEO and Conent Writing – Rely on Quality

If you have started marketing your website, you have probably read about how important content it.  I am not going into detail for this post, though lets say content is still vital to your site's success.  The goal of this post is to look at giving your content writing a strategy.  Instead of shooting from the hip create a plan that you can follow which allows you to track that you are making progress. After your first couple of article most business owners are like "what now do I write?"  The issue of constantly adding new content to your website can seem overwhelming.  It doesn't have to be. For good SEO content rely on quality before quantity When I say … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Website

Press releases are not just for large companies to release their latest earning statement.  Press Releases through online distribution can be a valuable resource for increasing the online visibility of your company and building trust with your audience. Press Releases need to be news worthy to be effective Top 5 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Your Website Organic traffic: a well written and news worthy press release distributed through the top online press release channels can get displayed in Google news and show up in Google organic search.  Google search and Google news both can drive thousands of people to your website. Link building: at the … [Read more...]

The Science of Retweets and How to Get Them

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Retweeting or the act of re-posting a particular microblog post you like in Twitter seems simple enough.  If there is a post that you really like from a Twitter profile you are following you simply retweet their post to send it to your followers.  You may see many websites like Authority SEO which displays the number of retweets that each post gets. How do I get my tweet retweeted The goal of posting in Twitter is you want readers to find your information like it enough to want to share it with their friends and followers.  This is why what makes a good post worthy of being retweeted is important if you want to increase your online visibility through … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Online Perception Negative or Positive – Rush Hour Traffic by Authority SEO

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Rush Hour Traffic Podcast - Is Your Business Online Perception Negative or Positive Find what people are saying about your business online and what to do about it Strategy for utilizing social bookmarks … [Read more...]

5 Things that Every Website Most Have

There are a thousand and one ways to create a website.  You could use a content management system, blog software, or static html coding.  Each of these has its own CSS style sheet to create a unique look and feel and support your brand. Clean and professional web design works no matter what business you are in No matter what business you are in or the reason for creating your website there are common themes that all successful website abide by.  As you are creating your website you always need to remember you have 5-10 seconds to make a person stay on your web page. 5 Things that Every Website Most Have Professional: when you go into a brick and mortar … [Read more...]