Do You Know What People are Saying About Your Company Online

I looking through one of my clients analytics to create a monthly report on the traffic when I see one of the keywords that got traffic had the word scam in it.  I put the keyword phrase into Google’s search bar and to my amazement what I found were fake accounts under the companies name with negative reviews placed the same day.  The profiles online were not created by Authority SEO or the company themselves.  What I can figure is work of a competitor attempting to deface an honest company.

Do you know what people are saying about your company online?

I have already read about people creating fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook to steal companies name in an attempt to sell ebooks and other spam related products.  It the day in age where anybody can see your friends and followers online you have to be vigilant on what people are saying about you online.

A negative comment online unchecked is perception left to chance

All companies need to have a strategy to handle what people are saying about your business online.  Depending on the amount of content being published will determine the expense and planning that it will take.  To start type in your business’s name and include the term fraud and then do it again and switch the term fraud with scam into Google and see what comes up.  Then you also want to just type your business into Google and see the results.  The amount of negative information that you find will determine your vulnerability to Internet negative feedback.

If you have a serious issue than you may want to look into high quality services that specialize in handling negative public relations (PR) online.

One strategy Authority SEO uses for its clients is getting our own information up through our network to send the fake accounts and scams off the front page of Google’s search results.  You need a series of high ranking websites to be able to instantly lower comments that have been posted for awhile.  You have to remember that Google and other search engines don’t care if a post is negative or positive, only that it is relevant.

The one thing that I would recommend for any business or individual is to sign up for Google Alerts which sends you a daily email with results of any use of your company’s name or personal name online.