Twitter Promotion Beats Michael Jackson #moonfruit

Companies are becoming more clever on creating publicity using Twitter.  It started with SquareSpace a blogging software company offered one free iPhone a day for 30 days for people to retweet them and has been taken to a new level by Moonfruit.  Moonfruit is giving away 10 Macbook Pro’s over the next 10 days.  They state they will deliver them to your doorstep as SquareSpace send gift cards instead of real iPhones.

Retweet this post and you will be eligible for free Macbook Pro computer

To win you have to use the hashtag: #moonfruit in one of your Twitter posts.  Moonfruit is picking one winner per day with winners being announced at @moontweet.


What is amazing is the promotion is working and beating Michael Jackson, Iran, and everything else on Twitter today.  I think we are going to see more of these as giving away free stuff seems to really work on Twitter.  The question will be will this popularity today translate in increase sales, that has yet to be determined.