The Science of Retweets and How to Get Them

Retweeting or the act of re-posting a particular microblog post you like in Twitter seems simple enough.  If there is a post that you really like from a Twitter profile you are following you simply retweet their post to send it to your followers.  You may see many websites like Authority SEO which displays the number of retweets that each post gets.

How do I get my tweet retweeted

The goal of posting in Twitter is you want readers to find your information like it enough to want to share it with their friends and followers.  This is why what makes a good post worthy of being retweeted is important if you want to increase your online visibility through Twitter.

The following stats on what makes a good tweet for retweet is from Dan Zarrella.  The data was collected over an extremely large sample size of over 10 million tweets.

Science of How to Get Retweets

Links: the data showed that only 18.96% of all tweets include a link while 56.69% of retweets included a link.  If you want to get more retweets post with links to interesting information.

percentage of retweet links

Bigger words: the average Tweet is 1.58 syllables where as the average Retweet is 1.62 syllables.  The idea here is more complex ideas are retweeted more often than simple ideas.

Bigger Words for Retweets
Higher Education: the opposite of what you might think though it takes a higher reading level or education to get retweeted.  The tests showed that Retweets needs at least 6.13 years of school on average as compared to only 5.88 years for Tweets.  Smarter information is far more valuable for people to pass on.

Reading Level of Retweets
New Concepts: this is a more obvious result that posts that are unique or novel in their information have a much greater chance of being retweeted.  The average random word in a Tweet is found throughout all Tweets 89.19 other times while 16.37 times for Rewteets.  This goes with all viral media that novelty wins.

Unique Ideas Retweets

What you had for lunch is not worthy: this should be good for all the Twitter haters who think Twitter is nothing more than people posting what they had for lunch, that they are jogging now, or on their way to get a hair cut.  Self reference of what you are doing has the lowest percentage of rewteeting though it is the highest percentage of what people tweet.

Self Reference Retweet

So there you have it.  If you want to get rewteeted more spend less time talking about what you are doing and spend more time offering your followers information that will challenge them and be different that what they read every day.