9 Interesting Facts About Twitter

Twitter.com has seen rapid growth in new accounts in 2009 with every media outlet and celebrity promoting it.  With all the media hype surrounding Twitter, Sysomos Inc, social media analysis company, to a look at the 11.5 million Twitter accounts presently tweeting or we believe they are tweeting.

The average Twitter account with more than 1,750 followers tweets more than 10 times a day

twitter followers research9 Interesting Facts About Twitter

  1. 72.5% of all Twitter accounts were created in the first half of 2009
  2. 85.3% of Twitter members tweet less than once a day
  3. 21% of Twitter accounts are blank with no posts
  4. 93.6% of Twitter profiles have less than 100 followers and 92.4% follow less than 100 profiles
  5. 5% of all Twitter accounts create 75% of all tweets
  6. New York has the most Twitter profiles with Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, and Boston right behind
  7. 50% of all tweets are created using tools or mobile devices instead of logging into Twitter.com
  8. 53% of Twitter users are women
  9. 15% of users who claim are marketers follow more than 2,000 profiles, while only 0.29% of all Twitter users follow more than 2,000 profiles

The one key observation through all the Twitter research I have read is it seems there are more empty tweets to followers who never see them.  Twitter has in some cases become empty self promotion.