SEO and Conent Writing – Rely on Quality

If you have started marketing your website, you have probably read about how important content it.  I am not going into detail for this post, though lets say content is still vital to your site’s success.  The goal of this post is to look at giving your content writing a strategy.  Instead of shooting from the hip create a plan that you can follow which allows you to track that you are making progress.

After your first couple of article most business owners are like “what now do I write?”  The issue of constantly adding new content to your website can seem overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be.

For good SEO content rely on quality before quantity

When I say “rely on quality” what I mean is that there are steps to writing better content.  It is better for your overall SEO campaign and conversion once you receive a visitor to focus on quality over just get it up so we have new content.  As your website becomes larger and you have more to do staying true to this objective becomes even more important.

Steps to Quality SEO Conent

  1. Keywords: the first thing is you have to figure out what to write about.  I find the best way is to take killing yourself over article topics and use keyword discovery tools to determine what subjects your target audience is searching for.  There are numerous free keyword traffic tools and create a new article for each topic or phrase that directly related to your business.
  2. Titles: your title of your content page has to have the keyword your are focusing on in the title.  Clever headlines like magazine articles look great though that isn’t how people search.  You want to use the techniques of magazine covers to get people to read it and click into your article while using the keywords that are specific to it.
  3. On Page: take your article and add bold or strong, H2 or H3 tags, quotes, and alt tags to the important keywords you are focusing on for that article.  This tells your reader and the search engines what is important on that page.
  4. Links: add your new content page to your intra linking strategy.  If you new content page doesn’t have other pages on your site linking to it then the search engines won’t see that it has any importance on your site.  No importance means no high rankings in search results.