Spam in Twitter Trending Topics

On the right hand navigation of your Twitter profile is trending topics.  A nice snapshot of the most tweeted topics on Twitter for the day.  The idea is sound as I like to see what people are saying about current news and events though now I stay away because the trending topics is full of spam.

I believe spam is the #1 threat to Twitter.  Twitter needs to get a handle on the automatic spam that is every where in Twitter.  You now have to very careful when clicking on a link in trending topics as it could send you to a site ready to dump spyware and viruses onto your computer.  I personally use Trend Micro for security which prevents me from opening dangerous web pages.  I like reading information on Twitter and don’t really want to have to rely on Trend Micro to keep me out of harms way.  As of right now I don’t even click into ‘trending topics’ in Twitter anymore.

I hope Twitter gets a handle on the spam running wild through their service so we can enjoy the many uses of Twitter.