#1 SEO Mistake Most Businesses or Websites Make

If you own a business than I hope you either have a website or are in the process of building one.  Which ever state you are in you come to the realization that no matter how pretty or how much time you tool to build it you are getting no web traffic.  So, as any good business owner you start an Internet marketing campaign.  In my experience there has been one over riding factor why most Internet marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns fail.  The answer is consistency.

Consistency is the reason most SEO plans fail

First, lets be honest how many people reading this post have at one time believed that SEO is just something you do once and then it is done?  I know for myself years ago when I got started online I had no idea the level of effort it took to achieve massive amounts of traffic to my website.  My original marketing plan for my first website was based on Google Adwords.  Oh, how times have changed.

To be successful online you have to do the right things consistently everyday.  I really mean everyday.  I have always looked at that everyday I don’t have a person on my team working on gaining online visibility I have competitors who are.  I believe the hardest concept for business owners to come to terms with is SEO doesn’t ever end.  You are always on a constant journey of growth or decay with your SEO marketing campaign.  I have worked on campaigns that receive millions of web traffic and you can tell on the analytics the exact day efforts were reduced and the exact day they were picked back up.

Consistency has one other facet.  It is not just that we are doing things everyday; consistency is we are doing what makes our website successful everyday.  For instance many business owners are talking about what they are doing with social media.  I agree that social media is an excellent avenue for sales growth, though are you doing this at the expense of your bread and butter, Google.  Right now Google is still king by more than a country mile.  The consistency mistake I see business owners making is they are losing the grounds that made them successful with Google search rankings as they work on other areas.

The secret to successful SEO marketing is consistency with what you accomplish everyday and that you accomplish your primary Internet marketing strategies.