Questions You Need to Ask a Website SEO Consultant Before You Begin

As any business owners comes to realize at some point of time is that they need search engine optimization (SEO) support if they are going to grow their website and online revenue stream.  The challenge can ge daunting for the unfamiliar with the web as to how to find the right SEO consultant for your business.  The following are questions to ask any SEO website consultant before starting a contract with them.  For added validity to this list as Authority SEO is an SEO consulting company these questions were created by Google themselves (see Google’s complete list).

Authority SEO is excited to answer the questions that Google states are vital for high quality SEO consulting

Questions to Ask Your SEO Consultant

  1. Can you show me examples of past clients work? – See Authority SEO case studies
  2. Do you use the Google webmaster guidelines? – Yes
  3. Do you offer Internet marketing services that complement your organic search results? – Authority SEO offers many different options that can drive traffic to your site from social media to increasing conversion percentages from your traffic generated.
  4. What is a time frame for results and how do you measure results? – Time frame we go over in detail and it largely based on the budget you set forth.  All results are objectively measured by adding analytics to your website that tracks every visitor from where they come from to what they do on your site.
  5. What is your experience? – Authority SEO has over 8 years experience in web based businesses
  6. What are your most paramount SEO strategies? – One way link building and Content building
  7. How do I communicate with you?  Authority SEO has many options from in person meetings, conference calls with ability to view our screen, instant messaging, and email.