Yahoo and Microsoft Bing Announce Major Partnership

For the first time in quite some time news on the search engine optimization landscape is important and it doesn’t have anything to do with Google.  There is a new deal between Yahoo and Microsoft which runs Bing that will have significant effects on search engine optimization.

Top Points on the New Deal

  1. the agreement is for 10 yrs
  2. for next 10 years Microsoft has exclusive license to Yahoo’s search engine technology
  3. current affiliate partners of Yahoo will still be syndicated by Yahoo
  4. Yahoo search will not be powered by Bing’s search algorithm for both organic search results and paid search
  5. Yahoo and Microsoft will still employ their own sales team for advertising
  6. the combined premium search advertisers will be handled by Yahoo while the “do it yourself” advertising will be handled by Microsoft

What all of this really means is that Bing, Microsoft’s search platform, will power Yahoo search.  Also, important is that now Microsoft will have access to Yahoo search technologies to enhance the present Bing offering.