New Website Promoting Launch of Donald Trump’s Project the Trump Network

trump network

Authority SEO is working to increase online visibility for the Diamond Development Team (DDT).  The Diamond Development Team is a group of successful business owners and network marketers who have come together to share ideas and proven strategies for business success. The focus of the DDT right now is the Trump Network which is an exciting new network marketing opportunity by Donald Trump.  The team has idetified the Trump Network as it has one of the best compensation plans in the industry. Authority SEO is working with the DDT to use Internet marketing as a new way of creating new members and a more financially successful team. … [Read more...]

How to Sell More Products During the Holiday Season – Offer Free Shipping

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Hitwise did research on the use of the term "free shipping" in search engine rankings.  You can see from the graph below that the term "free shipping" spikes during the holiday season. Online shopping is becoming more and more how people shop for Christmas and other holidays.  Take advantage of this by offering 'free shipping" for your online store You can also see from the graph that more people are searching "free shipping" over the years which is more proof that more people are using the internet to do their holiday shopping. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Promote Free Shipping

free shipping

If you search online for a particular product you probably find lots of people who are selling what you want or what you are selling.  How does a person choose who to buy from?  You may think that price is important though you may be surprised it isn't the only factor.  Plus, many websites have similar prices that don't make significant differences, so it is how you differentiate what makes your business special that makes a difference. For promotions like "Free Shipping" to work you need to make it obvious for online shoppers For the tips listed below you can substitute what ever promotion your website has including flat rate shipping, free returns, gift with … [Read more...]