5 Ways to Promote Free Shipping

If you search online for a particular product you probably find lots of people who are selling what you want or what you are selling.  How does a person choose who to buy from?  You may think that price is important though you may be surprised it isn’t the only factor.  Plus, many websites have similar prices that don’t make significant differences, so it is how you differentiate what makes your business special that makes a difference.

For promotions like “Free Shipping” to work you need to make it obvious for online shoppers

For the tips listed below you can substitute what ever promotion your website has including flat rate shipping, free returns, gift with purchase, or etc.

Especially with the holiday season approaches, research has shown that promotions like free shipping or free returns is what makes the difference for holiday shoppers.

5 Ways to Promotion Your Promotion Like Free Shipping

  1. Meta tags: meta tags are the information that is displayed in the search engine results like Google.  Adding your promotion into your meta tags means that online searchers are going to see that your organic listing offers free shipping which can be the reason a customer chooses to click on your search results over your competition.
  2. Home page: is your promotion obvious on your home page?  That doesn’t mean at the bottom right of your navigation.  If your promotion is a business differentiator than highlight it in your header of your website so very visitor sees your promotion.
  3. Product feeds: if you are using shopping portals like Shopping.com or Nextag.com as examples check out to see if the shopping portals allow you to put “free shipping” into your product feed.  In comparison shopping portals “free shipping” will drastically increase your click throughs and conversions.
  4. Category pages: for your online store your category page shows a list of your products in that category.  This page may seem obvious so most people over look its potential.  This page is one of the #1 pages visitors look at so showing your promotion like “free shipping” underneath each product listing adds another opportunity for visitors to get your message.
  5. Product pages: add your promotion in the title of your product pages so as people find the product they are looking for they automatically see your promotion.  Also, add your promotion right next to the “add to cart” button.  You can never over state your online store’s differentiators.