Excellent Idea for Businesses an Internet Marketing Adviser

You might be thinking what is the difference between an Internet Marketing Adviser and and a SEO consultant?  The answer lies in if you or your company has already paid large sums of money to Internet marketing gurus only to find the only thing they are good at is sending invoices.  An Internet Marketing Adviser is a person who has experience with successful ecommerce businesses who can play a role in supporting a business make Internet marketing decisions including on consultants and vendors to hire.

The key difference is the adviser is not a vendor.  You will never get good feedback on your marketing ideas from a consultant who has it in his best interests to add more services to your bill.

This is a new role that Authority SEO plays for Valutek, a clean room supply company, who utilizes our unique Internet experience and knowledge to support them in creating and implementing their online strategies.

This is a vital new position in the world of business as every company wants to have a presence online though most business owners have little knowledge and in the past have been forced to get their information what the exact vendors who are sending the invoices.