Authority SEO Turns Sushi Restaurant Website In To A Customer Driving Machine

Authority  SEO’s new client Health Fusion Sushi Restaurant had a website for their Sushi bar business but other than the owner Jim Ferreri knowing about it, there was  no one else. He came to us with the request to make it possible for customers searching for a sushi restaurant to find his restaurant. We did a search for for sushi restaurant in his city of Edgewood and his site didn’t even show in the search results for that.

With absolutely no search results we started working. It was a multi faceted approach. Local,  google maps, video, website work, content creation, restaurant rating website submissions, social media were just part of the work we did to his lowly little site. We new that some of the ranking results would easier than others but what we achieved in a 2 week period was no less than a miracle. In 2 weeks his sushi website went from being unknown to dominating the Google search results.  The original search phrase I looked for him was “Sushi Restaurant in Edgewood”  which he did not turn up in the top 100 results, well after our work he now controls the entire first page of Google. Check it out for yourself, do a search for it and you will see.

Not only does he now rank for that term but every related term concerning his genre he ranks on the first page of Google. We even impressed ourselves. Never before in the 10 years history of Authority SEO have we had such results so quickly.

Showing up in Google is one thing, but turning that traffic in to revenue is another. That is where the website work came in. We had to make the customer want to go to the restaurant after seeing his site. Noting works better for driving dining customers than pictures of food, good reviews and a discount coupon. Well we are happy to report that the customers have been pouring in and Chef Ferreri has record sales day after record sales day.

It feels good to do good!