Authority SEO Now On Your Smart Phone or Cell Phone

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Authority SEO has upgraded the website at to be available in mobile format.  This allows smart phone users like the iPhone, Droid, and Storm to name a few an easy way to read the Internet marketing and ecommerce posts offered by Authority SEO. Your cell phone will automatically pick up the new mobile browser with out any effort on your part.  Just go to www. and find the search engine optimization post you are most interested in. The new mobile browser allows for faster download time for each page and each page is displayed in an easy to read format perfect for smart phone users. … [Read more...]

Google Search Engine Optimizatin Update for April 2010

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The following are a summary of the updates on their search engine results from Google directly.  Google offers on a regular basis information on changes in their search results which allows both better understanding for the web searcher and for SEO consultant companies to better adjust strategies to meet the Internet goals of businesses. Google Suggest One major improvement in Google web searching is Google Suggest which is the keyword help that Google gives you once you start typing into the search bar.  Google Suggest has been around since 2008 though new improvements have made it even better especially for non English speaking countries. The search … [Read more...]

How spending $5000 with Authority SEO saved me $500,000.00

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I'm writing this letter on behalf of my wedding dress shop  Until we started working with Authority SEO , Al Alexander  and Bryan Ashbaugh, all of our traffic came from pay per click traffic, most on Google adwords. We were spending over 1 million dollars a year. My wedding gown business is one of the largest in the world but the PPC traffic was eating up our profits. We had a consultation and they laid out what they were going to do for us and how it would help us make more money and save more money. Right from the start I was told that they knew that could save us money on the PPC and drive more traffic to our site. We signed up for their … [Read more...]