Google Search Engine Optimizatin Update for April 2010

The following are a summary of the updates on their search engine results from Google directly.  Google offers on a regular basis information on changes in their search results which allows both better understanding for the web searcher and for SEO consultant companies to better adjust strategies to meet the Internet goals of businesses.

Google Suggest

One major improvement in Google web searching is Google Suggest which is the keyword help that Google gives you once you start typing into the search bar.  Google Suggest has been around since 2008 though new improvements have made it even better especially for non English speaking countries.

  • The search suggestion are now in bold type to makes them easier to scan and find the right keyword for you
  • Google Search and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons are still available even while Google Suggest is open
  • The site result counts have been removed to make it Google Suggest work faster

Google Suggest is now in 50 languages so that no matter what language you speak you will be able make searching on Google easier.

Real Time Search

Real time search is a new feature that shows real time results in a dynamic box in Google Search results with popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and more making up majority of the results.  New to real time search is greater improvements in relevance technology to deliver effective information on keyword searched, plus now Real Time Search is available in 40 languages.

Local Search

Local search which allows you to find local business like restaurants and stores in your city is expanding to offer greater availability for points of interest.  What Google has found that when people are searching in a certain city they often are looking for a group of different businesses or activities at once.  For example if you search “pikes market place” you will find additional choices for Space Needle, Seattle Center, & Woodland Park Zoo.

Google Local Search


Your Google Bookmarks can be sorted into lists which will allow you to share them with friends so they too can see popular sites you like.  Your bookmarks are private by default though you can make them searchable.  Go to to start building your lists.