SEO Value of New Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

If you have been searching on Google over the last week you will see new search engine results page (SERP).  Authority SEO takes a look at the search engine optimization (SEO) value to the new options people have to search online.

Now, with the new SERP for Google social media has a true ecommerce value.

The new Google search options have been available since January of this year though they have not been in easy to access options the way they are now.  If you don’t know what is new.  Type into Google any keyword that you would want to rank for and then click the “more” button in the left hand navigation.

new google serpMore Ways to Search with Google

The different options include Everything (the normal SERP), Images, Videos, News, Maps, Books, Shopping, Blog, Discussion, and Updates.  The two new social media impacts are Discussion and Updates.  Discussion indexes forums and message boards where conversions are happening on which ever keyword you pick.  Updates are real time search of Twitter and Facebook profile posts.  Yahoo added a similar option and found that people started to use them at high levels.  This you can expect for Google as well that now that these different SERP options will start to get heavy traffic.

What changes now is that the company that delivers a true complete online media marketing plan will be able to maximize the new search features.  Online searchers have some many options for getting the information they want online that it is essential to have marketing efforts in each area.

Yahoo did research that found that more and more people are using social media as there way of interacting online.  Google has now made it easier for people to find the people and companies that are interacting on the subject matter they want.  One big key to social media is that it is easy to tell which companies are using real people interacting with their future customers and which ones are have things just auto-filled.

To be successful online now it is a necessity that your SEO plan includes all the media options Google is making it easy to search with.