Affiliate Marketing makes good sense and money.

E Commerce websites are always looking for solutions to cut their marketing expenses. Advertising is through traditional means is a educated gamble at best.  Does not a 1 million dollar SuperBowl commercial make you enough revenue to justify the expense? Is that full page ad in a national magazine  worth the $100,000 is costs for one month? Well it depends on you product, brand, prices, customer persona’s, and many other factors. Obviously a local restaurant would not take out a $100,000 ad, or a small website selling a niche product does not need a 1 million dollar TV ad.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in. Affiliate marketing is a pay on performance system to where you only pay the advertiser if they make a sale for you. What a great system. You only spend money when you make money. I know what your saying great sign me up!  Well it’s not easy. There are many affiliate marketing programs out there and many are good and some are not.

The affiliate marketing program works like this. Publishers join the network and will drive traffic to your site. When a visitor visits their site and clicks through to your site a tracking cookie is placed on their computer and it can last for a duration that you decide. Which means that if the visitor buy anything from your site in that preset amount of time you have to pay a commission to the affiliate.

Sounds good? Well it is but as with anything there are people who learn to take advantage of the system. Some of the pitfalls are when publishers place fake orders on your site and get a commission and then you find out the credit card was stolen or no good. Another problem is orders that get canceled or returned, you have to go back in and cancel the order in the affiliate system and get your money refunded. You only have a week or two to do that.

Just signing up with a affiliate program does nothing. You will be competing against 1000′s of other website owners and you have to market yourself to the publishers. You have to to set up a data feed, create god graphics, and banners, write good copy for you affiliate page, create coupons for affiliates to drive more traffic, and the list goes on and on.

Doesn’t soud so great now does it. Well this is where Authority SEO comes in. Authority SEO is a affiliate program manager and will handle all of the above mentioned tasks and protect you from the problems associated with affiliate programs. Call us today to get information on setting up your affiliate program.