Search Engine Firm Customer Testimonial

I have always made hairbows and ribbons and have sold them to friends, neighbors, family, and others. For years I have been told that I should sell them to the world. So I’m thinking that would have to get a business, employees, lawyers…That to me sounded awful. I just wanted to sell more hairbows and make them myself. Well I found <B>Authority SEO </B>while searching for help on Google. I contacted them and was impressed that I reached a live person. That’s unusual for most internet companies. I then proceeded to tel them that I knew absolutely nothing about the internet or websites. They explained to me that I didn’t have to if I did not want to. That they could handle everything from building my site, to setting up a shopping cart to take orders, to getting paying customers to my website.

Well I can tell you it was one of the best decisions of my life. They took the tedious, boring work that I would never
want to and let me concentrate on making hairbows. Now my little website is everything I dreamed of.
All I have to do is load my pictures of my hairbows and write the descriptions on the website and Authority SEO does the rest.

The thought of starting a ecommerce website was so daunting that I had no idea where to start and if I had not found
Authority SEO I most likely would have never has started by business. My advice to anyone who thinks they have an
idea for selling on the internet is to start with Authority SEO from day 1.

Thank you for making a dream of mine come true.

Autumn T. Lincoln Nebraska