New Google Adwords Sales Funnel Reports that Shows Total Sales Funnel

Google released a new report for AdWords merchants March 2010 and it could change the way you are marketing on the Internet.  The AdWords Search Funnels reports give marketers with understanding into what ads visitors see  during the shopping procedure or product research. The reports, currently in beta are designed to provide PPC advertisers with information about what AdWords ads are creating a conversion and which “upper-funnel” keywords are supporting conversions.

Until now conversions were attributed to the last click of the end user.  The issue is that marketer doesn’t know how much time passed since the first time that online visitor clicked an Adwords ad or how many other advertisements were seen during the buying process.  The Search Funnels report, generated from visitors’ conversion path data, will show how keywords and campaigns support each other to achieve sales and the funnel of ad clicks and impressions.